Loose Parts Shells Corks Wood

Over the past few months the kinder’s and school-aged children at FCCC Rideau P.S. have been exploring the use of loose parts, both inside and out. They have been testing their theories when building and constructing works of art.  They are also discovering which pieces work together and discovering which one’s don’t.

Outside they have stacked them to make tall towers, placed them in a patch to make a balance course and/or just used them for a seat to rest for a bit. The balancing logs that are outside were a huge hit with everyone! All children wanted to help with the construction and our team work skills were put to the test. Some days we just wanted to sit and relax around the table that the children also built with the logs.

Inside they have built princess castles, car garages and towers. As some of the towers became wobbly the children discovered ways of making them stronger. It was great to see the imaginations in use with these materials. A refreshing move away from the plastic castle and garage. The garage was custom built to accompany the various sized cars that we have in our room. The loose parts also became room decor, for those budding home decorators!

What an amazing group!

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