The children at FCCC-Rideau Heights spotted an apple tree just beyond our yard and wanted to check it out. So out they went with their educator to get a closer look. They spied lots and lots of little green apples. One little boy asked, "Can we pick some apples? And what can we do with them?”

The children came up with a plan, they needed something to put the apples in once they picked them, so buckets were gathered and off they went apple picking.

They returned with their buckets full and brought them to our talented cook to see what she could do with them. She suggested apple jelly and the children thought that was a great idea.

Each child received a jar of apple jelly to take home made from the apples that they so carefully gathered.

Who knows what they will spot next and where it will take them.



Summer is a wonderful season for the children to explore the great outdoors at FCCC-Lancaster! They have enjoyed trips to the splash pad, picnics, crafts/science experiences and the brand new “loose parts” section in our yard. The theory of “loose parts” was first introduced by architect Simon Nicholson, in 1971. “As long as materials can be moved, redesigned, put together and taken apart in a variety of ways, they are classified as loose parts”. The children love to explore and manipulate the loose parts in so many ways, engaging not only in imaginative and dramatic play but also following a path to science experimentation. Some of the multi- use items in our loose parts bin are: funnels, measuring cups, pots and pans, scoops, basters, pine cones, shells and twigs. This is a change from commercial toys to day-to-day objects. The children may use the loose parts in any way they choose. We have also added a car track that brings the children and educators together on the path of learning creatively. Although the car track was intended for cars, trucks or other moving vehicles, the children also use it for other purposes such as a balance beam, something to jump over and a surface to build on. As the children happily explore their environment, they are active learners of key concepts associated with literacy and numeracy development.


It is with very mixed feelings but certainly GREAT MEMORIES that we bid goodbye to FCCC–QECVI at the end of this month.

We have had the pleasure of sharing space in this school since 1998. We have always been made to feel that our presence was valued and appreciated. All of the administrators, teachers and support staff have been our 'family'. We will be thinking about them a lot this month as we all move forward. Thanks for being an integral part of our memories.


The children at Welborne have a real passion for sports. This month the children have really enjoyed playing a variety of sports like basketball, soccer, and baseball. As a group or individually, sports have encouraged the children to be really engaged this year! And now that the nice weather is here, we will enjoy our annual FCCC-Welborne baseball tournament!!


Spring is here, which has allowed for many learning opportunities for the children in our centre. The children have been busy exploring their environment and the world around them. There have been group projects and individual experiences allowing for a sense of belonging and lots of engagement from the children.

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