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Our infant program has been exploring paint, so we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to have a paint party.  We set up the room with a variety of tools and materials for the children to explore and express their individual ideas in a creative manner. Being able to paint freely without worries of making a mess inspired the children to open their senses and enjoy.  Silence fell over the room as the children where in awe of being able to experiment mixing colours, the feel of textures and how paint reacted after being mixed. 

One child in particular had a look of pure enjoyment on her face.  She was having a wonderful time as she spread the paint all over her body.  We observed as she sat on the floor and began to paint her foot. While painting she was engaged and focused on experiencing the feel of paint on her toes and feet. Painted feet                                             

 The children left their "prints" in our learning environment and on our hearts that day! ♥ We hope that they will continue to use their natural curiosity to explore the world around them.

SKM C3851FS19040212460 0001