During the month of December, the children spent days honing their skills and practicing for our first FCCC talent show. Parents were treated to musical acts, magic tricks and hilarious jokes. Also, for our parents we screened a music video about why we love FCCC-Welborne, the video was directed by and starred their children.


While exploring our creative talents we discovered a hidden passion for knitting. The children learned new patterns and were quickly creating small items for loved ones. We wanted to do more! We worked together to knit three hats for the Welborne clothing drive. This was a very proud moment for me. We look forward to continuing to participate in future school and community events.


January has been a month of planning and getting ready to start our indoor garden. We have voted on our favourite herbs and are excited to start planting and documenting growth phases. What an exciting addition to our nutritious snacks!


Who would have guessed that electric energy could be so fun? Thankfully one of our students shared his excitement and knowledge of electricity. This shared information "sparked" the rest of us to become fascinated about currents and different forms of power sources. We have had a whirlwind week of reading a variety of resources and testing our theories. I cannot wait to see where this journey will take us!