School Age:

Lots of Science and Technology activities occurring at FCCC- Cataraqui Woods. Children have been exploring speed and velocity and got to test their theories at our Annual Race Day. Children were excited to race their creations made out of recyclable materials. On the same day as our race, we were fortunate to meet “Lydia”, the World Champion Robot. The children were amazed to see Lydia in action. After the demonstration, we were able to meet the inventors and see how their plans literally came to life.

Earlier this year, we were offered a great opportunity to produce and grow our own herbs and vegetables using an irrigation system named The Tower Garden. Children were involved in each stage of development from choosing herbs, researching growth phases, and assisting in nurturing our produce. We were delighted to see our labors come to fruition and were happy to create fresh salads to share with our families and our teachers at Cataraqui Woods.

Extended Day Kindergarten:

The activities our children were most interested in were Trains and Airplanes, Birdwatching and Birds, Rolling Tape and Gymnastics. Each month these interests popped up in various forms. Open ended creative art was fabulous with the children using their imagination to create a piano out of makeup sponges. They made a car ramp and landing area for cars and airplanes.

Each day a school-age visitor joined us to “help” the younger children. They did such things as assist with snack, read stories and help with dressing for outdoors. It was fun for all. The JK/SK children participated in a Teacher in Training program in which each child had a turn to be the teacher’s helper for the week. They did things like make the 5 minute tidy up warning and say when its tidy up time. The Teacher in Training was responsible for getting the outdoor backpack and for calling children’s names for going outside. Their favorite perk was wearing the bright red lanyard attached to the Teacher in Training badge.

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