At FCCC Welborne we love to build and create with our hands. This month we have been hard at work creating our 'Tilted Towers' world. We used foam board, cardboard, moss, small pebbles, oil pastels, popsicle sticks etc. We also used melty beads to create miniature versions of ourselves. We used them as characters to explore our built world. We also made items out of melty beads like pizzas, toilets, chairs and flowers. We made houses, stores, a school and a community garden for our people to live and work in.

With this play we improved our social skills as we spoke to each other and shared our thoughts and ideas when planning what would be built and where everything would go. We also worked together to build our city by lending each other our hands when needed. We also learned how to be respectful of the people building around us as there is limited room on the board and we had to share the space. We used problem solving as we thought of the different materials we could use when something wasn't working or when we wanted to create a new product or item.

We have enjoyed building 'Tilted Towers' and look to expand on our creation by adding another foam board and building a second miniature world. We also hope to continue to create more melty bead people and items for our play. We hope that this activity continues and grows with our interests.

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