At FCCC Centennial our creative arts activity ‘accidentally’ turned into growing potatoes. While cleaning up from our potato stamp activity, some of the children suggested that we should compost the potatoes. This prompted research about composting and we found that we may be able to actually grow potatoes.

We carefully chose 14 pieces of potatoes and planted them. As a result of the wonderful care from our children, 11 of the 14 grew into healthy plants. Every day, the children observed and measured the plants to see how many centimeters the plants had grown. They have also been having fun watering them and looking for signs of mold or little pests. We are growing them in a transparent container which has enabled us to watch the roots grow. This has been VERY cool! Our educator created a chart for charting the growth. We are hoping that within 16-18 weeks we will have harvested some baby potatoes. We will then have to decide what to do with them? What fun!!

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