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December and January have been very busy for our little group! We started off December by partnering up with Fairmount Seniors Home to bring a little holiday cheer to those residents who wouldn't get to see their families over the holiday season. This year, our goal was to complete 20 cards. Every child had the opportunity to choose from our “Fairmount” box of various craft materials such as old cards, gift tags, sparkles, artificial snow and stickers to make their creations. Of course a nice message went inside each and every card. The children always put lots of effort and creativity into making each card unique and special. We are proud to report that we surpassed our goal and were able to create 25 cards!!

Now that we are in January, things are not quit as busy, but then again when we came back after Christmas Break we had 4 snow days!! On each snow day, we kept a predication chart to see how many children would be in the program and in the school! It was always fun to see who would be the closest!

The children's favourite thing to do this month was to play in large boxes. The old saying certainly proved to be true: “If you give a child a box, they will fun for hours!” Those poor boxes have seen it all in the 31 days! They have been made into forts, cars, tents, dog houses and so much more!!


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