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"Who likes pizza?"

And so it began... Gino's Pizzeria was born.

One simple question turned into days of fun and exploring our love for pizza. The children completely embraced the idea of opening their own pizzeria! The group picked the name "Gino's"! They also developed a store sign and a menu which had numerous items on it. There was lots to pick from! A little imagination can go a long way and we had so much fun! After the menu was produced they put their efforts into making all the food which they happily served with smiles and laughter.

Each child picked a role and eagerly participated. We had chefs, waitresses, a hostess, a janitor and a cashier. As each customer made a visit to 11Gino's" they were greeted and seated by the hostess. Then, the waitress would bring the menu over and take their order which was efficiently delivered to the chef. As soon as the order was ready the waitress delivered the meal to the customers. Upon completion of the meal the waitress would hand the customer their bill which had been processed by the cashier. Tables were promptly cleaned and followed by the janitor who swept the floors and emptied the trash.

It was a great opportunity observing all of the children completely engaged in a project that they developed themselves. They were so expressive in their restaurant roles! The children had really created a sense of belonging with our group. This was definitely one of our highlights this fall! We are looking forward to creating more wonderful memories this school year at FCCC-Henderson!!