Your infant will be cared for by Registered Early Childhood Educators (or relevant other training) at a ratio of one educator for every three infants.

The environment is designed to mirror a home-like environment with a strong focus on the natural world. Frontenac County Childcare Centre recognizes that children spend a number of hours per day with us and it is important to us that we do not replace home but simply mirror it. We also know that children who have a strong connection to their natural world function better both emotionally and socially.

Promoting a sense of well-being is another foundation that children will experience with Frontenac County Childcare Centre. All infants will be fed following written instructions provided by their families. The snacks and lunches provided by us will follow all recommendations as outlined by Health Canada. Physical activity, both indoors and outdoors, will be a large part of each child's day, every day (for both walking and non-walking infants).

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