Are the programs operated by Frontenac County Childcare Centre (FCCC) licensed?

Yes, all of the FCCC preschool and school-age programs are licensed by the Ministry of Education and is government regulated and inspected. Yearly, the Ministry of Education inspects the centres to ensure that they meet specific health, safety and developmental standards as set out in the Child Care & Early Years Act.

What qualifications do the educators have?

Frontenac County Childcare Centre is committed to hiring Registered Early Childhood Educators whenever possible. The majority of our educators are trained in Early Childhood Education and are registered with the College of ECEs. Others have related qualifications and are approved by the Ministry of Education.

Do the educators participate in professional development?

Yes, at Frontenac County Childcare Centre we take pride in supporting our educators to participate in continuous professional learning.

Does someone on-site have CPR and First Aid Certification?

All Frontenac County Childcare Centre staff and casual staff are trained in Standard First Aid and CPR.

What will my child do throughout the day?

Activities are designed for children at different stages of development and programming follows the principles set out in the document “How Does Learning Happen? Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years”.

How much time is spent outside?

Weather permitting, children play outdoors for a minimum of two hours per day.

Does Frontenac County Childcare Centre provide Extended Day Before and After School programs?

Yes, Frontenac County Childcare Centre is a third-party provider of extended day programs for the Limestone District School Board. Some of our school-age programs provide both school-age before and after school programs and extended day before and after school programs.

How does Frontenac County Childcare Centre determine which sites provide extended day services?

Frontenac County Childcare Centre surveys their host schools each year and extended day programs are provided where there is sufficient demand.

How do I receive subsidy to cover all or some of my fees?

Once you have been offered a space at one of the Frontenac County Childcare Centre programs, the supervisor of the centre will fill in a Confirmation of Space (COS) form and send it to the City of Kingston, Housing and Social Services department. The City of Kingston’s bookings clerk will contact you with an assessment appointment time. If you are approved, you will provide the FCCC centre with the approval letter obtained at your appointment and your subsidy begins. It’s that easy.

How often do I pay fees?

Fees are calculated on a monthly basis and are due on the first day of the month. For those paying by Pre-Authorized Debit fees will be withdrawn from your account on the 15th of the month.

How flexible are pick up times?

Pick up times are according to the centre’s hours. Late fees will be charged to those who come to pick up after closing time.

Does my child have to attend every day?

In order to maintain viable programs, Frontenac County Childcare Centre gives priority to those who will be using our programs on a full time basis. Part-time care may be accommodated on a temporary basis depending on the circumstances of the centre’s enrollment and the extent of the waiting list at the centre.

How do I get on the waiting list?

Families must register their child on the Centralized Childcare Registry & Information Service (CCRIS). This is an on-line, web based waiting list for Kingston and area. It can be found at or by clicking on the link found on our website.

What happens when my child is sick?

It is in the interests of everyone’s well-being that sick children not be brought to the centre. However, if a child does get sick while attending the childcare, the child will be isolated in a comfortable area and the family will be contacted. If the child requires Doctor prescribed medication when the child is well enough to return to the centre, it will be administered according to the prescription label and with parental consent.

Does Frontenac County Childcare Centre offer an anaphylaxis plan for children with severe allergies?

Frontenac County Childcare Centre follows an anaphylaxis policy that is intended to help support the needs of a child with a severe allergy and provides information on anaphylaxis and awareness to families, staff, students, volunteers and visitors to our childcare centre. It is our intent, through our policy, to reduce the risk of exposure to allergic triggers, raise the awareness of the childcare community to anaphylaxis and make sure that the centre is prepared to handle an emergency situation.

How are family members involved in the program?

Frontenac County Childcare Centre welcomes family involvement. FCCC appreciates that every child and every family is unique. We are happy to celebrate the uniqueness of our families by encouraging them to share any cultural practice, custom and or special talents with our centres.