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"Who likes pizza?"

And so it began... Gino's Pizzeria was born.

One simple question turned into days of fun and exploring our love for pizza. The children completely embraced the idea of opening their own pizzeria! The group picked the name "Gino's"! They also developed a store sign and a menu which had numerous items on it. There was lots to pick from! A little imagination can go a long way and we had so much fun! After the menu was produced they put their efforts into making all the food which they happily served with smiles and laughter.


We are having SUCH an amazing time at FCCC-Sinclair this year! Since September, our children have been exploring many ways to use; loose parts, small pieces and items from our community as well as the nature around us. A few children have explored sewing and how to incorporate our loose parts into their creations.


December and January have been very busy for our little group! We started off December by partnering up with Fairmount Seniors Home to bring a little holiday cheer to those residents who wouldn't get to see their families over the holiday season. This year, our goal was to complete 20 cards. Every child had the opportunity to choose from our “Fairmount” box of various craft materials such as old cards, gift tags, sparkles, artificial snow and stickers to make their creations. Of course a nice message went inside each and every card. The children always put lots of effort and creativity into making each card unique and special. We are proud to report that we surpassed our goal and were able to create 25 cards!!


The infant room was lucky to receive a caterpillar last month from a teacher here at Rideau Heights. We created a home for our caterpillar, using a plastic cup and a net. We then put water inside and added some milk weed for our caterpillar to eat. We watched our caterpillar each day as he ate, growing bigger and bigger! The infants were very curious about our new friend so  we decided to create a "caterpillar interest board" in our room to help show them what was happening. As time passed our friend finally made his chrysalis and we continued to observe our friend as he changed before our eyes. Soon our friend will be ready to become a butterfly and we will have to say goodbye as we set him free on his new journey outdoors.


During the last PA day on May 22nd, the children at FCCC Centennial Before and After School program visited the city greenhouse on Norman Rogers Drive. The children had fun observing the seasonal and tropical plants. We did a scavenger hunt about the things we saw in the greenhouse. The children presented to the City gardeners the flowers they made from tissue paper. We learned about how a greenhouse works and how to prevent and treat pests. When we returned to our classroom, we planted carrots, lettuce and asters. The children also exhibited great creativity when making paper insects.

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