childcare outdoors outside play

Spring is here, which has allowed for many learning opportunities for the children in our centre. The children have been busy exploring their environment and the world around them. There have been group projects and individual experiences allowing for a sense of belonging and lots of engagement from the children.

Some examples of what our children have been doing:

  1. The toddler group has shown great interest in exploring their outside environment. They are digging in our gravel, the sand box area and in the flower pots. One of the toddlers discovered a worm in the pea gravel, so he very excitedly shared his discovery with a friend.
  2. They show a great love for “The Arts” and “Physical Outdoor/Indoor” play, especially the sensory activities planned. There is always a line up for this area of interest.
  3. Our infants are so excited to master new skills, from pulling up to stand, and to walking up and down our infant stair climber. The expression of accomplishment and confidence is very rewarding. The infants are also beginning to be more aware that others have feelings; they give lots of kisses to their friends.
  4. If you join us in the preschool room, you will see that drawing is our speciality, and building forts is what we do for fun. Moving our bodies to the beat of the music is an interest that has just begun.

This is "How Learning Happens?" at FCCC-LCVI!