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On the March 3rd, 2017 PA day, children embarked on an imaginary journey Around the World. We visited Brazil, Japan, Trinidad and Tobago, Australia, Africa, and of course ended our journey in Canada. Through a variety of experiences such as creative art, music, and play, children expanded their own knowledge and gained a better understanding of the diversity and uniqueness of each country. With this knowledge in tow, children worked together to create their own Country that included a National Anthem, specialized sport, and a unique food creation that was based on candy. As the day progressed, children loved collecting stamps for their individualized passports.


Give children boxes and a wonderful thing begins to happen. They become architects, artists, mathematicians, educators, firefighters, police officers, flight engineers, scientists. The possibilities are endless. Give children boxes and they work together to set goals. They problem solve and become team members. They develop a vision and ask that all important question: "I wonder what.....?"


FCCC says goodbye to the 2016/2017 school year.

As summer approaches we reflect back on another terrific year at all of our FCCC sites. The children in our care spent the past year learning, exploring and growing. Our dedicated educators provided many opportunities for children to connect to nature, to gain a sense of belonging, to express themselves in many ways and to practice well-being.


The children at FCCC-Cataraqui Woods do not back down from a challenge! This month, educators have challenged the children to build the tallest and strongest spaghetti tower in 18 minutes. We have enjoyed putting our skills to the test!


Spring is here, which has allowed for many learning opportunities for the children in our centre. The children have been busy exploring their environment and the world around them. There have been group projects and individual experiences allowing for a sense of belonging and lots of engagement from the children.

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